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11 Jun ‘21

Your Branding Guide: Logo Design Trends to Watch

11 Jun ‘21

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Did you know that blue is the most popular logo color? The color blue can represent strength, trust, and dependability in a logo.

There’s a lot to consider when considering logo design. For instance, the right color can improve readability by nearly 40%.

Wondering what elements to choose for your logo design? Want to learn more about logo design trends and how to avoid creating a logo cliche?

Keep reading to learn about what’s trendy in logo design.

Minimalist Typography

Consider that the average person views 5,000 ads in a single day. That’s 5,000 logos and at least 5,000 images that we’re bombarded with each day.

How do stand out from the image clutter as a brand? One rising logo trend is to keep things simple with minimalist typography.

These types of logos have few details, clean lines, and sometimes no color. Sans serif fonts are a popular choice for these logo designs.

With all the loud, bright logos that we see, this design offers a refreshing change. The name of the brand speaks for itself through the design.

Color Trends

Just how important is your logo image? Consider that our brains process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. With all the text, images, videos, gifs, and other media that we view, a well-crafted logo is meant to stand out and create an impression.

That’s why color choice is a key design trend. You want colors that complement your brand.

There are so many color schemes to choose from, but generally, it’s best to stick with two different colors or three maximum. This way, you don’t overwhelm the logo design.

One design trend is using monochromatic colors. You use varying shades of the same color to create a unique color look for your logo.

Another color trend is using soft, pastel colors such as pastel green or yellow.

Another trend is using gradients. This is when you blend in colors so that they look like they’re fading into one another. You can do this with different shades of the same color or with contrasting different colors.

Color Choice

However, with all these color trends, you want to choose colors that have meaning for your brand. Different colors can have different meanings.

For example, bright colors like yellow can represent optimism and happiness while red can reflect passion or boldness. Grey can represent business or authority while green can reflect growth, nature, or wealth.

Missing Parts of Text

Another logo design trend is seeing missing parts of the text. When done right, this can make your logo stand out.

However, when done wrong, it can make your logo difficult to read, so it’s a technique that you shouldn’t go overboard with.

You might also see the trend of adding whitespace or negative space in logos. This is when logo designers use white space to create a visual.

These types of designs are clever because they are like a puzzle that the viewer has to figure out. When you view the logo, something unique about it catches your eye, and you realize that there is a hidden message in the design.

Fine Lines

To complement the minimalist trend, some logos use fine lines instead of brash, bold lines. When designed well, it can make a logo easy on the eyes and simple to read.

Different Types of Logos

Think about all the ways your logo will be displayed on the screen and in print.

It may be printed on a small business card. It may be scaled up on a large poster. It may be shrunk down to your Twitter or Facebook profile image. You want a logo that will look good and legible in different formats.

That’s why you should consider designing different types of logos that you can use across different collateral.

For instance, there is a combination logo that will use both images and words. Another trend is a monogram of your logo which can be used for smaller collateral such as your business card or social media profile image.

If your logo has an image or a mascot, that can be another type of logo design to use.

Animated Logos

You scroll down on your mobile phone, and many times one thing that stops you and makes you look is movement. This may be in the form of a gif or a video.

Another trend is adding animation to logos. This design trend can make your logo fun, interactive, and eye-catching.

With logo animation, you can tell a story. You can create an animation to reveal a new product, make an announcement, or for a presentation.

You can also add the animation at the beginning of your videos for added brand recognition. Logo animation can help you stand out from your competitors.


The best logos are ones that are simple yet can convey a message. Another design trend you may see is using elements of balance and harmony. This can include geometric shapes and symmetry.

Unique Fonts and Elements

Some companies are choosing unique font choices, color schemes, and other elements to stand out from the crowd.

However, if you do this, make sure the design choices that you choose still reflect your brand’s personality.

You also want to make sure that your logo is designed well and easy to read if you’re using unique fonts or colors. It can be easy to create a logo that is overwhelming if you’re using too many unique design choices at once.

Logo Design and Your Brand Identity

As you can see from the trends above, there are many different options when it comes to logo design. What’s important is creating a design that speaks for your company and brand.

Logos can speak volumes about a brand. You may consider hiring a professional to design your logo.

We’re a full-service design and marketing agency. Contact us to learn more about our logo design services.

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