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8 Mar ‘19

Ripe Media Named Top Creative and Design Agency on Clutch

8 Mar ‘19

In: Announcement, Branding & Visual Design, Web Design & Development, / By: Ripe Media

Web design is so much more than how a website looks. Although pleasing visuals should always be present, there are a number of services that should be considered, leading to a more holistic view of web design. And we are a firm of talented designers and creatives who deliver nothing but the best web design, helping build our clients’ businesses and online presence.

We are excited to share that we have been recognized as an industry leader on Clutch! Clutch is a platform that collects verified ratings and reviews for B2B service providers, helping firms make smarter partnerships with their vendors. After being compared to more than 600 of the top web design companies in Los Angeles, we were ranked 7th overall.

We owe our high ranking entirely to our clients. Clutch conducts in depth client reviews, and our clients delivered their feedback in force, helping us build our presence on the platform. We maintain a 4.9 star rating out of 5, thanks to reviews like this:

“They were transparent and invested in our project. They were interested in understanding our values, our work, and the information we wanted to share. When it came to collaborating, I appreciated how open they were to learning from us. That hasn’t always been my experience with contractors, so it was great to work with a company that was communicative and responsive to feedback.”

We strive to establish ourselves as a trusted digital partner, and reviews like this help show us that we’re on the right track. Although we already have a dozen reviews, we cannot wait to receive more feedback so we can continue to improve our offerings.

In addition to our presence on Clutch, we are featured as one of the top UX design agencies in Los Angeles on The Manifest. The Manifest is a sister-site to Clutch, and they help firms of all shapes and sizes by providing industry insights and how-to guides, addressing any number of business challenges. We were featured for our small size and the calibre of our clients. And in an effort to further show the quality of our work to our clients, we have joined other web designers in posting some of our work on Visual Objects. Visual Objects is a space for creatives and developers to showcase their work so prospective clients can shop and compare.

Being identified as a Clutch 2019 Los Angeles Leader means a lot to us as a company. We have always worked hard to provide top-notch customer service, and it’s extremely validating and invigorating to be recognized for that. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this point, our appreciation for you is endless, and we cannot wait to see what else you have for us.

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