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14 Aug ‘18

Ripe Receives Accolades for Web Design in Los Angeles

14 Aug ‘18

In: Announcement, Branding & Visual Design, Los Angeles, Marketing, Web Design & Development, / By: Ripe Media

With Lebron coming to town, Los Angeles is one of the biggest hype-centers in the nation. From Hollywood, to niche eateries and shops, as well as unrivaled sports teams, exploring L.A. is a never-ending journey. This place is chock-full of entertainment and wonders, but also something else: media firms riddle this city.

Ripe Media is something else. Our world-class team of creatives and innovators consistently exceed expectations. We look to our clients to help gauge our excellence, and their continued amazement with our work tells us we’re doing something right! But what if there was a way to get a totally independent vantage point?

With Clutch, there is a way. Stationed in the nation’s capital, Clutch is the world’s leading B2B ratings and review site. The online site amalgamates fantastic client testimony, enormous case studies, and in-depth quantitative data that illuminate the -ins and -outs of businesses on an international basis.

Jeffrey Banker, a restaurant-owner, was impressed with the service. “I appreciated their customer service and attention to detail. If there were any issues, they addressed them immediately. Besides, they accommodated us if we needed to change anything.”

The HR Leader of Operations Quality at a bio-pharmaceutical company was highly impressed with the abilities and skills Ripe Media offers. “They’re knowledgeable, multi-talented, and a great thought partner to have in your corner. They helped us from the adult learning perspective, developing the storyline and thinking about the seat time and different possibilities to present the content.”

The Manifest is another great source for B2B news. This blog-style online magazine is an intuitive and well-designed escape from spreadsheets and tables. More importantly, it’s one more place where Ripe has been called out, this time among the top web designers in Los Angeles.

From humble roots, Ripe Media blossomed in 2003 with a band of a few deep-thinkers and creative minds. We’re committed to taking your brand and communications to the next level–and this dedication shines through our work. Through strategy, design, research, marketing and a slew of other mediums, we seek to fundamentally alter and progress our clients’ goals and directives.

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