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18 Jun ‘21

Building Brand Recognition: How to Increase Customer Interaction

18 Jun ‘21

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brand recognition

According to research, we have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression. This means that if you are trying to build brand recognition, you need to know how to capture your audience quickly.

Contrary to typical belief, building brand awareness and recognition isn’t just about social media and marketing techniques, it’s more about customer engagement. It has more to do with building rapport with your prospective clients than running ads for the general population.

The problem is, how can we build brand recognition properly?

You don’t just want people to know of your brand, you want them to remember how your brand makes them feel.

Thankfully, there are some proven strategies for building brand recognition, and that is exactly what we are going to share with you today.

Keep on reading to learn more about how you can skyrocket your brand recognition and boost your sales!

What is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is when your consumers can identify your brand and separate it from other brands. This is done through different perceptive hints including auditory, tactile, and visual cues.

Brand recognition occurs when someone thinks of your brand without needing to see your logo, branding, slogan, jingle, or face. Depending on your product or service, brand recognition can even happen through sensory cues such as taste and smell.

Smart branding strategies include associating their brand with sounds that customers may hear every day, to build repetitive reminders about their brand.

The Difference Between Brand Recognition and Brand Awareness

Even though they seem very similar, brand recognition and brand awareness are actually quite different.

Brand awareness involves prospects and customers knowing about your brand. They know it exists, from either seeing your storefront, your advertisements, or digital marketing.

With brand awareness, the person may still not remember your business. Think about how many brands you encounter while walking downtown or reading a magazine.

You see numerous brands, but it doesn’t mean that you will remember them off the top of your head.

Brand awareness is essential, but it has its limits. This is why building brand recognition should be a paramount part of your marketing plan.

You want your audience to constantly be reminded of your brand by visual and auditory cues, which is brand recognition.

Top of Mind Awareness Marketing

Top of mind awareness marketing, otherwise known as TOMA, is the golden nugget of any brand-building strategy. Top of mind awareness occurs when your brand is the first thought in customers’ minds when prompted about a niche or category.

For example, when most people think of coffee, they think of Starbucks. If someone thinks about ordering a book, they think Amazon. If they think of hamburgers and french fries, they will think of McDonald’s.

Top of mind awareness also creates brand loyalty, as the customer becomes so familiar with your brand in that category that they choose to stick only with your brand.

If your brand can be remembered by your consumer at the “top of their head”, it is very probable that they will purchase your product.

How to Build Brand Recognition

The most important thing to know is that brand recognition takes time. For example, we didn’t associate apples with the Apple computer brand right away. It took constant exposure and reminders for us to recognize the association.

That being said, there are some key tips to increase your brand recognition and brand awareness.

Be Unique

Perhaps the most important element of establishing brand recognition is to be comfortable standing out from the crowd. It is easy to want to mimic another brand in your niche who is doing well, but that is their style, you need to bring your own flavor to the game.

Be unique with both your logo and the persona behind your brand. People will want to purchase your brand not only because it seems attractive, but also because they resonate with it.

Be Expressive

There is specific energy behind every brand, which is what makes it attractive to specific people. This energy involves the auditory sounds of your branding, the colors, and the slogans.

For example, think of all the catchy jingles you know from mainstream brands, such as McDonald’s, Kit Kat Bars, Big Red Gum, etc.

Their jingles are not only catchy, but the energy behind the jingle is what makes it attractive to customers. If they enjoy it, they are more inclined to become loyal to your brand.

Be Consistent

To establish your brand as a top-of-the-mind memory, you need to be consistent in your marketing.

The more you are consistent, the more customer interaction you will have. According to research, over 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that they recognize.

Be Relatable

In addition to that, a sense of reliability is crucial for targeting specific demographics while branding. Most millennials feel more inclined to purchase from a brand that aligns with their core values.

Think about Dove soap, for example, and their campaign “Real Beauty”. It’s now known as the campaign of the century.

But why? Because they are being authentic, relatable, and honest.

People became tired of the inauthenticity behind the beauty industry, so Dove decided to change that. This gave women (and men) the permission to be comfortable and proud to be in their own skin.

Now when most women think of Dove, they feel a sense of comfort and acceptance. No other marketing campaign can beat that.

If you can somehow manage to relate on an emotional level with your audience, you are nearly guaranteed success on your marketing campaign.

Learn More About Brand Recognition

Now that you understand the importance of brand recognition, it is time to get started.

Whether it is content creation, digital marketing, website design, or branding, your marking needs to be on point to be ahead of your competition.

If you need help to get your project or campaign running successfully, we have what it takes to help you get there.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and get ready to start boosting your brand recognition.

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