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17 Oct ‘18

8 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Apps For Business To Boom Again

17 Oct ‘18

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mobile apps for business

As technology has evolved, marketing is getting turned on its head. Gone are the days when you could capture all the customers you needed with a TV ad.

Instead, successful marketing in 2018 demands that you reach your customers in a variety of mediums. The most important medium, though, is the one your customers spend the most time with—their phones.

The problem is that a lot of companies still fall short in mobile realm. They might optimize their website for a mobile experience and think they’re done. As great as a mobile-friendly site is, the real success comes when you take it one step further and release your own app.

There are benefits to be gained from an app that you won’t get from a mobile site. Here’s what you need to know about mobile apps for business.

The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

If you’re weighing the costs and benefits of a custom app, here are the advantages you need to consider. Each business is different – but everyone’s out to make a profit, so most of the benefits stay the same, no matter the niche.

Take Advantage of Impulse Interactions

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wanted to make a purchase but found the process too complex, so we put our wallet away and moved on. That could be happening to your customers as well.

A mobile app is all about ease of access. You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to pop open your app and make a purchase so you can capitalize on their impulses.

The app itself can even create the desire to buy. A customer is flipping through their phone and your app catches their eye. Perhaps it reminds them of something they need or it makes them want to shop with you. Either way, you benefit when they can complete the transaction soon after the impulse arises.

Make Yourself a Convenient Choice

For over 75% of consumers, convenience is more important than price when it comes to their purchases. With as much money as you invest in your business’ development and your website, you don’t want to lose customers because buying from you takes two more steps than buying from a competitor.

An app is the ultimate in convenience. Your customers don’t have to waste time going to your website and logging in because your app does it all for them.

Stand Out From Your Competition

As beneficial as an app can be, most companies still aren’t reaping the rewards. As of 2018, only 42% of businesses have mobile apps.

Chances are, at least some of your competitors are in the remaining 58%. Having a mobile app can give you one more leg up. For many consumers, it can be the sole deciding factor in who they give their business to.

Garner Loyalty

Every time your customer needs the type of product you offer, they have a choice between you or your competitors. The more often they choose you, the more loyal they’ll become.

Giving customers an app is a great way to become their go-to. They keep choosing your business because you’re the most convenient option. Before they know it, they can’t fathom buying from anyone else.

An app is also a great platform to create and implement a loyalty program. Every time your customer makes a purchase on an app, they earn points toward future discounts.

When your loyalty program is in place, it can also serve as an incentive for customers to download your app.

Engage More With Your Customers

We mentioned repetition and convenience as a way to build loyalty. But another way to enhance your customer loyalty is by showing them that it’s a two-way street.

Your app provides a great way to engage and interact with your customers. Incorporate a messaging feature so users can chat with customer service when they have questions or concerns.

Regardless, your app puts your business in the customer’s pocket whenever they want it to be. That alone makes them feel closer and more engaged with you.

Gamify Your Business

You can turn anything into a game, and it always enhances the experience. A mobile app is a great way to do that.

Perhaps your customers get a chance to win a prize like free shipping every time they spend $50 or more. Maybe they can perform other tasks for points, like posting on Instagram with a specific hashtag, or taking a quiz.

Even if the “points” don’t translate to real dollars, bringing in a game-like feel will encourage interaction. It also gives your customers a more positive view of your brand.

Embrace the Power of Push Notifications

One of the biggest challenges in marketing today is catering to our collective short attention spans. Your customers are in a constant state of multi-tasking, and it’s hard to break through the noise and make them notice you.

Push notifications are a powerful way to get through. Your customers are already using their phones often throughout the day. When they download your app and opt-in for notifications, you can pop into their awareness whenever you want.

Make Use of Mobile Geofencing

Push notifications alone can do great things for your business. When they’re triggered by a customer’s location, though, they’re even better.

With geofencing, you establish specific boundaries, such as a two-mile radius of your business. When someone who has your app crossed into that “fence,” it triggers a push notification.

You can use that notification to tell them about the sales or just to invite them to stop by. Either way, it’s a great way to make it convenient for your customers to buy from you.

Bring Your Image Into the 21st Century

All the benefits above have been practical advantages. However, having your own app has benefits for your image as well.

If you’re trying to appeal to younger, technology-focused generations, an app makes you appear more relevant. Speaking your customers’ language will go a long way.

Boosting Your Business With a Custom App

Regardless of industry, so many businesses today have the same problem: standing apart from their competition. In the many ways above, mobile apps for business can accomplish that goal.

Of course, the value is in the execution. For a high-quality app, contact our mobile app development experts.

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