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3 Feb ‘21

8 Advantages of Custom E-Learning Development

3 Feb ‘21

In: Online Learning, / By: Ripe Media

custom e-learning development

Do you want to boost your employees’ morale, productivity, and skills? Then allow your employees to continue learning new skills and trends in the industry. Your business will have the best expertise in your industry.

But how do you help your employees learn? With the help of custom e-learning development and e-learning tools.

E-learning brings education to your employees, making access to resources easier. E-learning, short for electronic learning, offers education, training, and other resources to you via digital means. Your business will have these resources readily available for employees to use anywhere at any time.

Schools, businesses, and individuals can all use and benefit from e-learning. While there are many e-learning options available, one of the best types is custom e-learning.

Interested in learning how custom e-learning development can help your business? Check out these 8 amazing advantages to e-learning along with several great tips!

1. Designed For Your Goals

One of the biggest advantages of custom e-learning development is the ability to customize training and resources to fit your business needs. Whether that’s a master’s degree program in psychology, a pharmacy tech certification, or internal corporate training. This advantage gives you the resources and tools designed specifically for your company.

The custom e-learning development process allows you to incorporate your company’s policies, procedures, values, and key messages. This helps maintain consistent messaging, branding, and general information regarding your company. Off-the-shelf e-learning tools offer generic information and don’t give you this level of personal customizations.

2. Bring Education to Your Employees

The unexpected pandemic of 2020 caused many work environments to change drastically. Many businesses moved to a “work-from-home” model for the safety of their employees.

The challenge with this model is you could no longer bring employees together for in-person training opportunities. Businesses also couldn’t send employees to conferences or out-of-house training due to social distance.

The solution? Bring education to your employees via custom e-learning tools.

E-learning is beneficial to all industries. Employees can experience consistent training while working remotely.

3. Save Money

Custom e-learning will fit your budget – whether you’re an enterprise-sized business or a small business. Since the content is already yours, there’s only a one-time payment and no need to pay monthly licensing fees.

When you start working with an e-learning company, simply share your needs and budget, and they’ll take care of the rest! You’ll be able to focus your smaller budget on customizing only the tools that are necessary.

4. Efficient Learning

Efficient learning includes saving employees time, increasing engagement, and teaching them the necessary topics. Off-the-shelf e-learning options offer very generalized information that doesn’t always pertain to your business. There are two major benefits to focusing only on useful content.

The first is it saves time. Employees aren’t wasting time learning content that isn’t practical or useful for the business. Why waste time and money on the content you don’t need?

The other benefit is relevant content is more engaging. How often have you gone through training courses that bored you?  People are more likely to take the time to learn, pay attention, and retain engaging content.

Many custom e-learning development tools will use real-life scenarios that directly apply to the learners’ positions. Connecting learners to the content motivates them to learn. Employees will find value in what they’re learning and use that knowledge while they work.

5. Learn On-Demand

Traditional forms of business learning rely on in-person attendance at the workplace, at a conference, or another out-of-house location. This takes employees away from their work for hours or days, requires travel, and available time.

Custom e-learning requires far less prep work. Employees will have on-demand access to e-learning tools for training. With the need for remote work, this benefit is a must.

The other benefit is employees can access resources whenever they need them. Should they have questions about a particular process or procedure, they can quickly refer to their e-learning tools to access any information they need.

6. Increase ROI

The reason behind training your employees is to increase productivity and ROI, right? The main purpose of custom e-learning development is to boost your ROI.

Before you shop for e-learning solutions, be aware that the up-front cost of custom e-learning development is usually greater than the off-the-shelf options. The value and ROI, however, are far greater as employees receive better training.

In return, properly trained employees are likelier to continue working at the same company for longer, reducing turnover. Employees will also be more productive and confident while employed.

7. Scalable Custom E-Learning Development

Great businesses evolve and grow. As this happens, changes will occur, and every change made needs addressing in your e-learning tools. An advantage of working with a custom e-learning development team is they can customize your e-learning tools to scale with your business. Custom e-learning is already planning for these business advances and changes.

E-learning takes full advantage of today’s technology, such as flexible cloud platforms, to scale with your business. Upgrading and scaling your e-learning tools to grow with your business is easy and seamless with cloud platforms.

8. Less Training Time

Training takes time. Depending on your industry’s demands and the responsibilities of employees, training can take as little as a few hours to several days, weeks, or even months. No matter how comprehensive the training must be, you want to complete it in a short amount of time.

Custom e-learning development tools completely understand this. They know your employees’ time is valuable and therefore focus only on content that pertains to their job or needs. By eliminating irrelevant topics and allowing on-demand learning, employees can complete training in less time than before.

Now is the Time Invest in Custom E-Learning Development

Custom e-learning development is transforming businesses. Employees receive better training that motivates them, boosts their morale, and improves productivity. As your company grows, you’ll know you have the right training tools readily available.

Want to learn more about e-learning or marketing can help your business? Let’s get in touch and start planning today!

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