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7 Jun ‘21

2021’s Biggest Web Design Trends to Watch Out For

7 Jun ‘21

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Creating a beautiful, user-friendly, and informative website is one of the keys to business success. But with so many web design styles and options out there, how can you be sure that you’re making the most of your website? If you want to know more, then you’re in the best possible place.

In this article, we will explore together some of the best, most exciting, and most effective web design trends right now. Be prepared to wow your audience (and yourself!) with a stunning brand new website that attracts more visitors and converts more leads.

Embrace 3D Visuals

When visiting a website for the first time, what gets your attention the most? In all likelihood, it’s going to be its visual content. The more visually captivating the content, the more attracted we are to it.

Right now, there’s almost nothing quite as compelling as 3D visuals. Hi-res screens demand advanced, high-quality visual elements to add fun and friendliness to the overall user experience.

The even better thing about 3D? The fact that it can work pretty well, and in great harmony, with other web design trends, such as minimalism and retro. So, whatever style your website follows, it’s always worth giving 3D visuals a go.

Give Parallax a Try

If your website is not using parallax scroll effects, then it’s seriously missing out. This is not a 2021 web design per se, as it’s been quite popular for a while, but it is now gaining even more momentum.

Website designers and developers can tap into their creative side when using parallax, and accomplish awesome things. When using parallax, though, you need to be mindful of people with vestibular disorders.

As cool and exciting as it is, this technique can also worsen symptoms such as dizziness and disorientation in people who suffer from specific illnesses. So, remember to use parallax sparingly and mixed with other styles.

Get On Board with Augmented Reality

Providing your users with an exceptional and unforgettable multimedia experience is another great web design trend in 2021. And what better than augmented reality (AR)?

So many companies around the world are already using it. Their main aim is to help their customers get a better feel for their products or services from the comfort of their homes. And with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, AR can truly take customer care to the next level, in total safety.

Customize, Customize, Customize

Ours is the era of personalization. Hyper-customized websites can attract a much larger customer base, and present you as a company that cares about the individual needs of its audience.

Do you think that offering a fully customized experience is too difficult? Think again. You can start simple, for example by offering the possibility to navigate your site in dark mode (another huge trend, as we’ll soon find out).

Or, if you are more ambitious, why not offer bespoke content, such as the custom playlists generated by Spotify?

The Power of Dark Mode

Anyone can benefit from browsing a website in dark mode. From the elderly person with eye problems to the new mom doing some online shopping while feeding her baby at 3 am.

But dark mode is not just great for the user experience: it’s also an elegant, sleek way to present your business. Using dark mode, you can highlight specific elements of your website, drawing the user’s attention exactly to where you want it to go.

Get Creative with Cartoons

Now, this trend may not apply to every single company out there, but if you are a young, dynamic, vibrant business then this is for you. What are we talking about? Cartoon illustrations, of course.

This is a great trend that has been gaining more and more popularity, in particular across those brands that want to convey messages around being personable, fun, and lively. Be bold and creative by building some relatable and playful characters that interact with your customers, and you’ll see engagement and traffic soar.

Turn Readers into Listeners

Have you ever thought about adding audio to your website? That’s great because this is another fab trend to get on board with right now.

Not only does it help users with sight problems, but it is also a fantastic choice for those who prefer to listen to accompanying audio as opposed to reading text. Need some inspiration? Take a look at what The New York Times is doing.

Say Yes to No Code

Before you panic, we should clarify that we’re not suggesting that you should remove all code from your website. Instead, the “no code” trend implies opening up the web design field to anyone with a good idea or vision, even if they’re not “experts”.

For example, does one of your writers have an excellent visual idea that they would like to implement? With no code, they can become web designers. Are you the owner of a small business with e-commerce ambitions? No code enables you to achieve that.

Web Design Trends for 2021: Know Them, Love Them, Try Them

This year, web design trends are more exciting than ever. From parallax to augmented reality, from hyper-personalization to the advent of no code. Whatever industry your business operates in, and whatever type of website you want to build, you can be sure that there is at least one trend out there that’s perfect for you.

Do you need help from the pros? We hear you. If you want website design done ripe, oops RIGHT, then contact us today.

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