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Not just anyone will do ...

Whether you’ve been disappointed by sub-par teams in the past or you just know that your team can’t handle it alone, one thing is true:

Getting a smooth, fast, and modern mobile app is WAY more difficult than it looks.
  • System integrations can become way too complex
  • Modern users have high standards
  • Building an elegant program from scratch takes a lot of time

So sometimes you spend months outsourcing the planning, coding, and designing. And the app still comes out unoptimized, clunky, not at all like what you had pictured.

Don’t let your vision get lost

When it comes to turning to professional help with your app – there’s one key trait to HAVE to be on the lookout for.


Because the only thing worse than spending a TON of time to create a sub-par app is wasting a ton of money for an app developer to make you something that is WAY off base from your goals.

Collaborative app development that brings your vision to life

When it comes to app design and development – you’ve got to work with a builder that knows what they’re doing and that knows how to collaborate.

Because the best app developers know how to take that vision in your head – and turn it into a digital reality.

Ripe Media

With over 20 years of designing and developing digital experiences – we know what it takes to build elegant, user-friendly apps.

  • Modern & refined designs
  • Optimized apps for complex requirements
  • Dedicated teams that collaborate throughout the entire design process
Let’s talk App Building

Our rigorous approach

When it comes to the final product – it’s the details that matter. Here’s how we’ll get things done.


A solid foundation ensures success.

Let’s talk about your goals, your vision, and what you need from your app.

We’ll get aligned on the project and outline a realistic path to launch.


We believe in communication.

Our team will work closely with you during development.

From style guides to technical requirements, we’ll make sure we’re in sync every step of the way.


Let’s get your idea out there.

We’ll work with you until you’re absolutely satisfied with your new app.

Guarantee a successful launch and watch those downloads take off.

App design at every stage

No matter where you are in development, we’re here to make sure it’s smooth sailing from here on out.

  • Guidance and support for first-time creators
  • Optimize existing code for iOS and Android
  • Maintain a launched product
  • Manage a pesky integration

Communication is everything

At the end of the day, there is one thing separating you from an app that makes you go “OMG that’s amazing” instead of, “Well that works, I guess…”

Consistent, productive, and A+ communication.

At Ripe Media, you’ll get a dedicated project manager to collaborate with you every step of the way. They’ll guarantee you get:

  • Exactly what you were imagining
  • No teams fizzling out at the last minute
  • An elegant user experience, even for the most complex flows


When it comes to the final product – it’s the details that matter. Here’s how we’ll get things done.

“RIPE's creativity is truly impressive, as they approach every project with a fresh perspective and view it through a brand new lens, resulting in innovative and unique solutions.”

Lara Arsinian

Digital Marketing Director, LA County WDACS

“RIPE consistently impressed us with their ability to bring new and innovative ideas to the table, often exceeding our expectations and providing solutions that we had not even considered.”

Dwain Wilson

Founder & Executive Director, Wildwoods Foundation

"RIPE is a reliable and trustworthy partner, committed to meeting deadlines and delivering on time. I can always count on them to follow through and deliver high-quality work.”

Michelle Tsai

Director of Marketing & Communications, iMentor

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