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e-PS-R is a blended custom e-learning solution (online and face-to-face) adaptation of Practice Self-Regulation (PS-R), an empirically-based, trauma-informed sexual health intervention, designed for teens impacted by adverse childhood experiences. The model is based on affect regulation—the ability to manage emotions without causing harm to self or others. It addresses many underlying issues that put youth who have experienced trauma at increased risk for teen pregnancy, STI’s, HIV, and sexual harm.

This blended learning adaption allows the intervention to be implemented across a broad range of venues in order to reach more vulnerable youth in under-resourced and rural areas across the US. The original clinical program has been adapted for facilitation by non-clinically trained professionals, such as parole offers or case managers.

e-PS-R emphasizes thoughts, feelings, and physiological reactions—internal processes that teens can learn to mindfully observe as they experience external stimuli (arousal, not necessarily sexual). These processes influence decision-making, which in turn influences behavior and outcomes. e-PS-R provides a safe space for youth and facilitators to address the impact of trauma, and explore how values, beliefs, choices, and personal goals affect a person’s sexual health and well-being.

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