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Ripe has years of experience creating beautiful and engaging e-learning. Since the early days of CD-ROM-based training all the way through today’s mobile learning landscape, we’ve been designing, developing, and delivering award winning training solutions. Ripe excels at finding the perfect balance between custom and modular e-learning solutions. We are committed to high-quality and believe the best solutions are produced efficiently.

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At its core, e-learning is relatively easy to understand: It’s simply learning conducted online, rather than in a traditional face-to-face setting. But the possibilities for e-learning extend far beyond online classrooms, which is where the term is most often applied. After all, both the corporate world and smaller businesses seek to educate consumers all the time, in order to encourage them to buy products. If you’re looking to sell a car, for example, then one of the things you’ll need to do is communicate information about that car to a potential buyer in an attractive way. Given that more and more consumer research is done online, e-learning is therefore a marketing tool, too.

Custom e-learning can be made much more successful through the creation of interactive online tools that ask users to not only passively absorb content, but engage with and experience it. If you’re looking to teach, you’ll find that having your students use these tools will improve their recall; if you’re looking to sell a product, you can expect to see your customers making more informed decisions. One of the strongest programs to use for such interactive tool development is Adobe Captivate. Using this program isn’t easy, and using it well is even harder. But once it’s been mastered (as it has been by our designers), it’s a platform that allows for the creation of responsive and intuitive interactive content that can convey any message you want across all web-enabled devices.

When you’re looking for custom e-learning solutions and design and development, Los Angeles is a good place to start because of the large tech and marketing communities here. But how do you choose the right design and development company, when there are so many to choose from? We believe that our integration of the traditional marketing experience with the latest trends in technology set us apart both from old-fashioned creative agencies and newer tech firms, giving us both the foundation and the forward-thinking mentality to make your next project successful.


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